Source: Semantic Web world for you

LOD Around The Clock (LATC) logoGoogle recently announced a new project, named the Google Art, which give access to paints from around the world in very high definition. It also provides some information related to these paintings.This is a very cool service but the data is not provided in a machine-friendly way. So we thought it would be nice to have a wrapper exporting in RDF so that this data could be more easily consumed by any semantic-aware application.

The GoogleArt2RDF wrapper offers such a wrapping service for any painting made available through GoogleArt. In order to use it, just copy the name of the artwork and paste it after “”. For instance, change “” into ““.

The data is expressed using essentially the FOAF and Dublin Core ontologies. When possible, the resources are linked to DBPedia for the author of the painting and the medium used (oil on canvas, etc). This is a first version of the system which does not yet export all the data from Google, comments and suggestions on how to improve it are much welcome!