As of September 2022, the KRR group is going to continue as two separate groups, the Knowledge in Artificial Intelligence (KAI) group, and the Learning and Reasoning (L&R) group. This is a preliminary page of the new KAI group.

The Knowledge in Artificial Intelligence (KAI) group studies the role of symbolic (formal/declarative) knowledge in Artificial Intelligence/AI-based systems. 

Long term mission: The mission of the KAI group is to contribute to a better understanding of the representation, acquisition, extraction and management of explicitly modelled knowledge and to facilitate and promote the usage of such knowledge in artificial intelligent agents. 

We will do this by combining research from the fields of Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Representation. Typical application areas are Hybrid Intelligence (i.e. how knowledge helps to develop a collaborative, adaptive, explainable and responsible collaboration between artificial and human intelligence), or Semantic Systems, the Semantic Web.

We combine foundational theory and applied methods such as computational logic, emergent semantics, narrative representation, abstract argumentation, knowledge engineering (at scale), knowledge graph management, semantic techniques, data integration as well as machine learning. Our research addresses a variety of types of knowledge, which can be heterogeneous, contextualised, dynamic, common-sense, process-dependent, personal, tribal, conflicting or biased, and often large-scale.

The group will be lead by Dr. Stefan Schlobach (Associate Professor), Dr. Ilaria Tiddy (Assistant Professor) and a newly to be appointed Assistant Professor in "Logic in AI".