November 9, 2012, the EU confirmed the start of the new FP7 project called Linked Data Benchmark Council (LDBC). The main objective of LDBC is the development of benchmarks for the emerging field of RDF and graph data management systems, as well as to spur industry cooperation around such benchmarks. This new council of database software vendors and academics will establish benchmarks and publish benchmark results that will make the properties of RDF and graph data management systems insightful.
The LDBC audience includes IT professionals interested in using these emerging technologies, researchers in both the database and semantic web research communities, and data management technology vendors.
The outcomes of the LDBC project will be

  • (i) a set of benchmarks that will span four technical expertise areas: complex query execution, transactionality in graphs, RDF inference and RDF support for ETL/data integration, and
  • (ii) the creation of an industry-supported LDBC organization that will outlive the EU project, and which ultimately aims to include the entire set of RDF and graph database vendors.

The LDBC also engages users of graph and RDF data management technology in its Technical User Community (TUC); where users have the opportunity to interact with the LDBC in order to make sure their experiences and needs find their way into LDBC benchmarks. The TUC will kick off its activities on November 19/20, 2012 at the first scheduled meeting in Barcelona. Alternatively, an online questionnaire is available at for interested parties can make contributions on their experiences and needs for consideration in the LDBC benchmarks.
Please visit to engage with its technical user community.