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Linkitup is a Web-based dashboard for enrichment of research output published via the repository service. For license terms, see below.

Linkitup currently does two things:

  • it takes metadata entered through and tries to find equivalent terms, categories, persons or entities on the Linked Data cloud and several Web 2.0 services.
  • it extracts references from publications in, and tries to find the corresponding Digital Object Identifier (DOI).

Linkitup is developed as part of our strategy to bring technology for adding semantics to research data to actual users.

Linkitup currently contains five plugins:

  • Wikipedia/DBPedia linking to tags and categories
  • Linking of authors to the DBLP bibliography
  • CrossRef linking of papers to DOIs through bibliographic reference extraction
  • Elsevier Linked Data Repository linking to tags and categories
  • ORCID linking to authors

Using Figshare allows Data2Semantics to:

  • tap into a wealth of research data already published
  • provide state-of-the art data enrichment services on a prominent platform with a significant user base, and
  • bring RDF data publishing to a mainstream platform.
  • And lastly, Figshare removes the need for a Data2Semantics data repository

Linkitup feeds the enriched metadata back as links to the original article in Figshare, but also builds a RDF representation of the metadata that can be downloaded separately, or published as research output on Figshare.

We aim to extend linkitup to connect to other research repositories such as EASY and the Dataverse Network.

A live version of Linkitup is available at Note that the software is stil in beta! You will need a Figshare login and some data published in Figshare to get started.

More information, including installation instructions are available from Github.

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