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For over a year now, Data2Semantics organizes biweekly lunches for all COMMIT projects running at VU Amsterdam under the header ‘COMMIT@VU’. These projects are SEALINCMedia, EWIDS, METIS, e-Infrastructure Virtualization for e-Science Applications, Data2Semantics, and eFoodLab.

On October 29th, we had a lively discussion about opportunities to collaborate across projects (see photo).


  • SEALINCMedia and Data2Semantics will collaborate on trust and provenance. Trust and provenance analysis technology developed in SEALINCMedia can benefit from the extensive provenance graphs constructed in Data2Semantics, and vice versa.
  • There is potential for integrating the Amalgame vocabulary alignment toolkit (SEALINCMedia) in the Linkitup service of Data2Semantics. Also, Amalgame can play a role in the census use case of Data2Semantics (aligning vocabularies of occupations through time)
  • Both the SEALINCMedia and Data2Semantics projects are working on annotation methodologies and tools. Both adopt the Open Annotation model, and require multi-layered annotations (i.e. annotations on annotations).
  • eFoodlab and Data2Semantics are both working on annotating and interpreting spreadsheet data. We already had a joint meeting last year on this topic, but it makes sense to revive this collaboration.
  • We decided to gather vocabularies and datasets used by the various projects to make more clear where expertise in using these vocabularies lies. Knowing at a glance who else is using a particular dataset or vocabulary can be very helpful: you know on who’s door to knock if you have questions or want to share experiences.

A first version of the COMMIT Data and Vocabulary catalog is already online at:

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