by Zhisheng Huang

The China Higher Education Press will publish a LarKC book in Chinese. This book will appear  in the book series of Web Intelligence and Web Science ( .

This Chinese LarKC book consists of two parts: Technology part and application part. The technology part covers the topics of LarKC platform, development guide and various plugins and workflows.  The application part covers the topics of Linked Life Data, semantic information retrieval, urban computing, and cancer study. The main contributors of  the book are six Chinese researchers in the LarKC Consortium, who are from Amsterdam, WICI, and Siemens. See the appended text below for the detail.
The book is expected to be published by the end of this year.

Here is the outline of the book content and the main contributors.

Chapter 1 Introduction to LarKC
by Zhisheng Huang (VUA) and Ning Zhong (WICI)

Chapter 2 LarKC Platform
by Jun Fang (VUA)

Chapter 3 Identification  and Selection
by Yi Zeng (WICI)

Chapter 4 Abstraction and Transformation
by Yi Huang (SIEMENS)

Chapter 5 Reasoning  and Deciding
by Jun Fang (VUA) and Zhisheng Huang (VUA)

Chapter 6 LarKC Development Guide
by Zhisheng Huang (VUA) and Jun Fang (VUA)

Chapter 7 Linked Life Data
by Yi Huang (SIEMENS) and Zhisheng Huang (VUA)

Chapter 8 Semantic information retrieval for biomedical applications
by Ru He (SIEMENS) and Zhisheng Huang (VUA)

Chapter 9 Semantic Technology and Gene Study
by Zhisheng Huang (VUA)

Chapter 10 Urban Computing
by Yi Huang (SIEMENS) and Zhisheng Huang (VUA)

Chapter 11 Conclusions
by Zhisheng Huang (VUA),  Ru He (SIEMENS), and Ning Zhong (WICI)