LarKC announces a new release of mpiJava (1.2.6) – a Message-Passing Interface (MPI) library, allowing a Java application to efficiently run on a distributed, parallel, and high-performance computer architecture. First introduced in the HPJava project and developed by

  • Pervasive Technology Labs, Indiana University,
  • Syracuse University, and
  • CSM, University of Portsmouth,

mpiJava@SourceForge ( is now managed and maintained by the High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS) in the framework of LarKC.

The library is easy to deploy and use within the application code, in particular for plug-ins. Among the new features are true multi-platforming (thanks to CMake support configuration procedure), very high performance characteristics (achieved by efficient utilisation of underlying native MPI-C implementation), and support of the most famous MPI realisations (MPICH, Open MPI, and MS-MPI).

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