The 2010 LarKC PhD symposium was held in Beijing in Nov 14th, 2010. More than 40 participants attended this symposium (Most of them were participants from The 4th LarKC Ealy Adopters Tutorial).

The Proceeding of the symposium can be downloaded here.

The LarKC PhD symposium is an annual event that the Large Knowledge Collider (LarKC) Consortium organized. The main objectives of this symposium series is to provide a communication platform for young researchers (especially PhD students) on their recent progresses in the EU FP-7 LarKC project, Web-scale reasoning and the Semantic Web in general.

The seminar is open and free to everyone who is interested.The 2010 LarKC PhD Symposium is the 2nd symposium in this series. The 1st symposium is jointly held with STI PhD Seminar 2009 in Berlin. The participants of that events all agree that they learned a lot from each other and that is one of the most important reason why we have this event this year.During year 2 of the LarKC project, the consortium has many progresses on Web-scale reasoning and search, ranging from new selection and reasoning strategies to real-world use cases. Many of them are from PhD students and young researchers in this consortium. We are very proud to have these researchers report their recent results in the 2nd LarKC PhD symposium.

In addition, we are very pleased to see that there are external plug-in contributions outside the LarKC consortium in the form of close collaboration with the LarKC members.The speakers for the 2nd LarKC PhD symposium are from China, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, UK, etc. We are please to have several talks which cover a wide range on Semantic Web, Machine Learning, and AI in general.

The topics focus but not limited to: Natural Language Interfaces to Ontologies, segmentation strategies for Web-scale data, Machine learning meets the Semantic Web, selection strategies, parallel and Contrastive reasoning for the Semantic Web, and Semantic Web-enabled Recommender System.Some of the speakers are still in their PhD program, hence we are very pleased to have several senior members from and outside the LarKC consortium to make comments and suggestions to their future research in the area of Web search and reasoning. More importantly, the speakers will learn from each other during their communications in the symposium.