Our lab is growing. Two new PhD students are joining us: Márk Adamik and Inès Blin.

Márk has finished his MSc. in Robotics and has prior work experience as a student assistant both for the Drone Research Lab and for the Human-Robot Interaction Lab, in Aalborg University, Denmark. During his studies, he had a virtual internship at Honda Research Institute, Japan, with a focus on knowledge representation in a human-robot interaction setting. His thesis was on investigating explainability in hierarchical reinforcement learning. Márk will be working on common sense reasoning for embodied agents under the supervision of Ilaria Tiddi, Stefan Schlobach and Piek Vossen.

Inès graduated in computer science from the University of Cambridge and École Centrale Paris. Her master thesis was on text simplification at different readability levels. She also has prior industry (internship) work experience as a data scientist and a software engineer. In her PhD study at KRR, Inès will be working on building narrative networks and reasoning over them, e.g., adding meaningful links between events. She will be supervised by Ilaria Tiddi and Annette ten Teije.

Welcome Inès and Márk! It is great to have you!