Recently the Linked Data Benchmark Council (LDBC) launched its portal

LDBC is an  organization for graph and RDF data management systems benchmarking that came out of a EU PF7 project by the same name (

The LDBC will survive the EU project and be industry supported and operate with as its web presence.

Also, LDBC announced public drafts of its two first benchmarks. Public draft means that implementations of benchmark software and technical specification documents are available, and ready for public testing and comments. The two benchmarks are

- the Semantic Publishing Benchmark (SPB - which is based on the BBC use case and ontologies, and

- the Social Network Benchmark (SNB - http://ldbcouncil/benchmarks/snb) on which an interactive workload has been released. Later, a Business Intelligence and a Graph Analytics will follow on this same dataset. The SNB data generator was recently used in the ACM SIGMOD programming contest, which was about graph analytics.

The website also holds a blog with new and technical backgrounds of LDBC. The most recent post is about “Choke-Point based Benchmark Design”, by Peter Boncz.