The DReaMS Lab

The next generation search technology

The next generation of search technology should be ubiquitous, accurate, flexible, relevant, intelligent, humane and safe according to the mission statement of the DREAMS Lab.

  • Ubiquitous –ambient, anytime and anywhere
  • Accurate – maximally correct & complete
  • Flexible – take more than one type of modality as a query to retrieve relevant data in any type of modality
  • Relevant – provide the most relevant information to the user, learn to adapt to user behavior, to understand the user search intents
  • Intelligent – generate well-formed and meaningful responses based on retrieved information and context
  • Humane – leverage human-curated knowledge bases, present human-readable results, adopt linguistically and culturally appropriate dialogue patterns
  • Safe –preserve privacy, prevent undesirable or harmful content

In order to realise this next generation search technology, the DReaMS Lab will investigate Multimodal Dialogue Search Systems, focusing on three main approaches:

Dialogues, REAsoning and Multi-linguality for Search. 

The DREAMS Lab is a collaboration between the Computational Lexicology & Terminology Lab (CLTL, Prof. dr. Piek Vossen) and the Knowledge Representation and Reasoning group (KRR, Prof. dr. Frank van Harmelen), both at VU Amsterdam; the Information and Language Processing Systems at the UVA (Prof. dr. Maarten de Rijke) and the Huawei Consumer Business Group, a world leading provider of cloud services for customers. At full strength, the DREAMS Lab will employ up to nine people (PostDocs and PhD students).

For more information, contact one of the DREAMS Lab directors: Prof. Frank van Harmelen, or Prof. Maarten de Rijke,