The KR&R group investigates modelling and representation of different forms of knowledge and reasoning, as found in a large variety of AI systems. We study both theoretical and applied aspects of knowledge representation and reasoning (KRR) formalisms, and try to apply these ideas to both scientific and real-world problems. From its early days on, our group has played an active role in the development of Semantic Web technologies. Also recently, we have broadened our focus to a wide-spectrum of problems in which KRR formalisms can help with: from neuro-symbolic AI to medicine and health care but also to collaborative multi-agent systems. These are also the elements of our research on Hybrid Intelligence (HI)  which aims to combine human and machine intelligence.  It is a long-term large scale project shared between 6 partner universities,  headquartered by our group, and is funded by a 10 year Zwaartekracht grant from the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.



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