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Source: Semantic Web world for you
The Institute of Development Studies (IDS) is a UK based institute specialised in development research, teaching and communications. As part of their activities, they provide an API to query their knowledge services data set compromising more than 32k abstracts or summaries of development research documents related to 8k development organisations, almost 30 themes and 225 countries and territories.

A month ago, Victor de Boer and myself got a grant from IDS to investigate exposing their data as RDF and building some client applications making use of the enriched data. We aimed at using the API as it is and create 5-star Linked Data by linking the created resources to other resources on the Web. The outcome is the IDSWrapper which is now freely accessible, both as HTML and as RDF. Although this is still work in progress, this wrapper already shows some advantages provided by publishing the data as Linked Data.

Source: Data2Semantics
The Data2Semantics is part of the COMMIT/ research community. We attended the COMMIT kick-off meeting where we presented our project and networked with the rest of the 15 projects and learned about presenting our work to the broader community. Paul wrote up his thoughts on the kick-off, which you can find here. The whole team […]