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The 4th LarKC Early Adopters Tutorial

Posted by larkc in cloud computing | large scale | reasoning | semantic web

by Yi Zeng
The 4th LarKC Early Adopters Tutorial took place in Beijing, China on Nov 13th, 2010.
LarKC 4th Early Adopters Tutorial

Approximately 90 participants attended the tutorial. 2 introductions, 4 hands on sessions as well as use cases demos from Urban computing has been given.The tutorial is in bi-lingual (English and Chinese), with most of the talks translated real-time to the audience.

The participants agreed that LarKC is easy to use as a plugable platform for Web-scale reasoning.The materials of the 4th LarKC Early Adopters Tutorial can be downloaded from the LarKC sourceforge and the following addresses:

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